Things men should try out

People who are living in a country, and then they have to wear clothes according to that place otherwise they will be looking as an odd person. They need to understand that they go for the clothing which is in trend according to the time of the era as well like previously people will like to wear heavy clothes but now they cannot wear that because it is not in trend now and if they wear that now then they will look weird. They have to check the new trends in the men’s clothing in Dubai and for that you have to click now:


This is a kind of clothing that will cover the entire body of the men and it is a long sleeved dress so the arms will be covered till the hands and it will cover the entire body as this will go long till the ankles. It is a long and very loose fitting dress so it can be wore over a normal dress as well but mainly they will wear only a trouser and Kandura over that. In Dubai sun will shine a lot so this Kandura will normally be of white color. There are a lot of different variations in that like some will like to wear that with a collar and others will like to wear without collar and some of them like to wear it with embroidery on that so you have to choose your favorite kind of Kandura and you have to choose the one which will be easy to carry.


This is a kind of cloth that will be wore on the head as like a headdress that most of the men will like to wear on their head. They need to wear that as they think that it is a kind of respect to their head. Tradition color of Ghutra is white and most of the people will like to wear it but they are also available in other colors as well but you will most likely to see white everywhere. With the passage of time now people are most likely to get the checkered pattern in their Ghutra and then they have to hold it in place with a black string made of cloth which is called as agal and normally it is of back color.