The Most Popular Cakes in the World

If you are about to become a baker who bakes the best cakes in Sharjah, then we suggest that you take a good read below. Because you will always want to get new ideas on baking different kinds of cakes and if you are looking for an inspiration, then it is best that you keep reading to know about the best and most famous cakes in the world;

  1. The first is Sekacz and it is a delicacy of Poland and Sakotis in Lithuania and it is a traditional cake of Lithuania and it is famous because it is very much fluffy and soft at the same time. It is not too sweet and not too bland as well and it has a very small quantity of saltiness to make sure that the cake tastes balanced.
  2. On our list, the second number is of Torta Paradiso. It is a breakfast treat which is taken by tea and coffee and at any time of the day and it was made by Enrico Vigoni in 1800 and it is a delicacy of Italy and it is made with three ingredients only;
  3. Sugar
  4. Flour
  5. Butter.
  6. The next is similar to the above one and it is named as Torta 900 and it is a delicacy of Ivrea in Italy. And its full name is Chocolate Laden Torta Novecento and it was made by a very famous Canavese master baker and his name was Ottavio Bertinotti and when the 1999 ended and the 2000 came in, it was made in this celebration. It was made in 1964 and Italy revealed its recipe to the world in 1972. You can say that this cake is so famous that it has become a landmark of Ivrea.
  7. The next is also from Italy and it seems like that Italy has made history in making and baking cakes and the best bakers. and this cake is called Zuccotto and it is a delicacy of Florence. It was made by a very famous baker and his name was Bernardo Buountalenti and it was in 16th century and it is said that this baker was responsible for making the first gelato as well which was also called the first zuccotto.

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