Mainland Business is Better Than a Free Zone One- Must Read Why

The advantages of operating a mainland business setup in Dubai are plentiful. As a free zone company, you are limited to certain areas. On the other hand, a mainland company can operate anywhere in the UAE and enjoy unrestricted freedom and flexibility. With excellent infrastructure and the ability to conduct private commercial and government work, the advantages of running a mainland business in Dubai are innumerable. These benefits are what make a mainland business the best option for investors.

Minimum capital requirement

Unlike free zone companies, mainland companies have no minimum capital requirement. Additionally, they can establish multiple branches and cater to the UAE market. Another major advantage of running a mainland business in Dubai is that it is easier and quicker to set up a business than a free zone one. Since the process is less complicated, a mainland company’s establishment is a better choice for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in the UAE.


Among the many benefits of operating a mainland business in Dubai is the freedom it provides. You can repatriate all your profits and expand your business in other emirates of the UAE without any hassle. There are no visa restrictions and no yearly audit. Moreover, there are no regulations when it comes to currency. In addition, a mainland license will allow you to operate in any country, not just the UAE.

Easier to manage

Besides this, a mainland company is easier to manage. There is no need to register the company yearly. In fact, it can operate anywhere in the UAE. Besides, mainland businesses are not subject to yearly audits. In addition, they don’t require a local agent. So, if you want to conduct business in the UAE, a mainland business is the way to go.

Easy to register

Setting up a mainland business in Dubai is easier than registering a free zone company in the UAE. It is easier to gain access to international markets and win official government contracts. Besides, setting up a company in Dubai also offers many benefits, including a flexible legal arrangement and robust connectivity. In addition to these, your company can also benefit from the rich natural resources of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE has an enormous market for businesses and is a prime location for international expansion.