Customized printing tips

People will come to know about a lot of managed print services that will help in art printing in Dubai and there are many good reviews about many of them. You can hire any of them after taking a good look at their work but the main things which is necessary is that you have to make the printing good by formatting it in a good way. You can add a few images to make it interesting and you can also add a few more effects to make it desirable for the people. Here are some of the tips to add effects:


It will be the effect that will create a 3d look on the paper and normally it is used on the front page of the books or journals. Some companies will have their logos printed on the front page in the form of embossing, there is another phenomenon called as debossing which is opposite to the embossing. You can add any artwork of this form but make sure that the paper should have a good thickness so that the emboss effect will look better on that.

Die cut:

It is very popular now with the people and especially the students and little kids. In this there will be different shapes cut in a proper manner and the companies will use some cutters in this regard. You have to see that the design must not be very close as it will not provide you good results and you may lose your money too. When you are opting the die cut then you have to be careful with the design too.


There are different kinds of stamps that people are using and you can use them too. You can have some custom made stamps that are placed on the books or journal and you can also have some printed stamps of different types. Mostly people are using the foil stamps which are pasted with the help of machines and these are available in two different options. You can have the metallic foil stamps or you can have the matte looking foil stamps. The difference between them is the shine, but no other difference is there so you need to get that according to your choice. You can also ask from your client when you are making it someone else