Advantages and disadvantages of concrete tiles

Concrete tiles Dubai will be used mainly for the floors and other hard areas but they can be used on the walls too like if you want to have a fireplace in your lounge then you can get these tiles around that firs place and it will not only give a better look to the area but also it will provide the protection to your walls too from the overheating of the fire place. There are some of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of these and you have to click now for better understanding of these:


They are very durable and you only have to pay for them for once and then they will be there for you for years and they also do not need much maintenance so there will be no need to get worried about them after their placement. These look amazing when you have them on your floors and they are more durable than the wooden floor as you have to give more attention to the maintenance of the wooden floor even then they will get out of shape with time but floors with concrete tiles will be there for years without losing their original look. Another advantage is that you can easily clean them without any worry and there will be no need to worry if you spill some liquid on that like wooden floor but you should wipe that off soon before it goes down to the base of the tiles.


These tiles are a bit heavy so you have to make sure that that your house is able to handle the weight of these tiles. There are a few ways to analyze that but the best way is that you can hire a good engineer who will do the tour of your house and see whether the structure is able to handle the pressure and weight of these tiles of not. If your house is unable to handle ad you still use them then you will see the bad effects of these tiles soon in your house. You can use other same looking tiles. You have to keep a look at your tiles and protect them from adverse effects of sudden change or form sharp objects because they may damage your tiles and then they will look really bad.