Who is eligible for employment in Dubai municipality?

Dubai municipality is the dream of every single person living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is because it provides the person who earns the municipality of the state. In which he is living with many benefits and helps the person in gaining the trust of the company at where he works, as well as, becomes a person of legality under the jurisdiction of the government for whom he provides the taxes and lives for it.

However, many people want to study the eligibility criteria as the municipality authentication has some rules and regulations for which every person who applies for it must fall under the eligibility criteria that the government provides and looks for. The concerned authorities also provide the municipality tax at the property you have by yourself and for that purpose, you must be eligible too because providing the tax must be under the jurisdiction of the government and you must be a citizen before doing so.

However, in this article, I am going to tell you the eligibility criteria if you are applying or going to apply for the Dubai municipality approvals and will also help you see whether if you are capable of earning the status or not and how it helps office fit out companies in Dubai. Because it is hard for people that are living under the jurisdiction of Dubai government to know about it and see if they are eligible or not.

The points that will help you see who is eligible for the Dubai municipality authentication is in the section below:

  1. If you live in Dubai and you do not have any property under your name or alias, you are free from the municipality tax deduction, however, if you have, you must provide the government with 0.5 percent of your property purchase price. But, if you are living at a rented property then you must provide 5 percent of the annual rent as the municipality tax.
  2. If you think that you are getting overcharged, you can also file the report to the municipality tax office only if you are eligible for it (as mentioned in the point above), however, they will return you the overcharged price if you have given the right instructions and have provided them with information concerning the overcharged issue.
  3. Municipality tax is different in both the states as Dubai charges 5 percent of annual rent and Abu Dhabi charges 3 percent of the annual rent, however, if you are a tourist then you are also eligible for paying the municipality tax as the hotel will charge you with it so you become eligible for the municipality administration of the government.